I have had a love of photography for almost my entire life. At the age of twelve I discovered my first camera store when my mother took me with her on a shopping trip to the nearby city. My mother had a passion for antique furniture and we were visiting a favorite store. I had noticed going into the shop that a few doors down was a camera store, I was immediately intrigued. I asked my mother if I could go in and look around. My mother was a very gracious woman who would always encourage me in any interest that I had, so of course she said yes.
That was the beginning of my journey with photography. Soon after that first visit my parents bought me an inexpensive camera and I started to capture images of the world around me and have continued to this day. My images, even in the early days, were different than other photographers. I have always had a fascination for how the camera makes the world look different and ways that this can be emphasized.
1977-1982                  B.A. in Communications, University Of Missouri
                   1991-1994                  M.F.A. in Photography, Savannah College Of Art & Design
I am currently an adjunct professor of photography in the art department at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. My philosophy toward teaching as well as producing art has always been to keep an open mind . My first real encounter with art education came from classes I took at the Kansas City Art Institute as part of a program where students at UMKC could take classes there for credit. Those classes opened my mind to the real creative possibilities I could explore in my work. I have been exploring the edges of expression in photographic technique ever since.

October 2018 - March 2019
Art in Our City, Springfield Museum, Springfield, MO
June 1 - 25 2018
Members Show, Springfield Regional Arts Council
February 2017
Solo Show, Soffia Via, Overland Park, KS
December 2016
Group Show, SRAC, Springfield, MO
November 2016
Solo Show, Driscoll Gallery, Southwest Baptist University
September 2016
Faculty Show, Driscoll Gallery, Southwest Baptist University
September 2015
Faculty Show, Driscoll Gallery, Southwest Baptist University
April 2014
Members Show, Springfield Regional Arts Council
March 2014
Metamorphosis, group show, Springfield Regional Arts Council

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